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My ultimate goal is for you to play by ear.  If you’re like most people, your brain needs trained first.  This means, I teach you concrete elements of music.  Over time, your muscle memory and ear will develop and in turn will be able to prompt your fingers to play.  

Great question.  Most importantly, you need a decent piano.  Check out the sample lessons in, “New to the Piano?” course for recommendations.  You will also need a device with internet to access your lessons.  A phone, tablet, or computer work fine.  Access to a printer will be very helpful in utilizing the printable materials found in most lessons.  Lastly, you may find it helpful to have a 3-ring binder in which to keep the materials you print.

Yes!  The mini-course, “New to the Piano?” was made with you in mind.  And it’s completely free!  After you work through that course, I recommend, “Start Playing the Piano Today“.

I’m very glad that you are interested in piano!  Online courses were designed for teens and adults.  If you’re a young teen, you may do well with online courses if you can practice without being told and can understand the lessons on your own.  If you have the permission of your parents, you could always give a course a try and see how it goes for you!

Plan for 10 minutes to work through a lesson, plus time to practice the assignment. I suggest practicing your assignment as often as you can between lessons.

No, you’re free to work through the lessons your way.  To progress, just mark the lesson complete.  However, you’ll receive the most thorough teaching if you work through the lessons in the order they’re given. 

Yes, once you enroll you’re good to go until you cancel your enrollment.

You have access for as long as you’re enrolled!

It’s nice of you to want to share, but each person needs to enroll separately. Enrollment grants access to one (1) user.

No, you have access to content only while you’re enrolled.  Course content is copyrighted and any duplication goes against the user agreement.