Hi, I'm Julie Foster.

I ‘ve been the teacher and owner of Julie’s Piano Studio since 2011.  Because of my experience, I understand that weekly piano lessons don’t fit into everyone’s schedule or budget.

I can’t tell you how many people have contacted me over the years about one-on-one lessons and were unable to begin for various reasons. 

Reasons like budget, time, work.   

That’s what got me to thinking outside the box.  Thinking about online courses.  

In 2019, I completed my Church Musician’s Piano by Ear Course, and two of my full-time students graduated from the program.

I hadn’t forgotten about my God-given dream to teach those who could not have traditional lessons.  After 3 years of preparation, that dream materialized.  Or should I say, virtualized?

Flexible and considerably cheaper, the online courses that I’ve pieced together are what we’ve both been waiting for. 

online courses

Piano lessons will fit into your life after all?

I think so, too.

my vision

Today's aspiring church pianists
will rise up, with skill and anointing, to fill the roles of tomorrow's music ministers.

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