Staying Motivated

How to keep moving forward at the piano

It’d been about two years. 

I needed some extra motivation. My weekly exercise routine was lacking, to say the least. 

Come to find out, so was my mom’s.

Then we came up with a great idea!

How Much Practice is Enough?

Setting attainable goals

Practice goals are personal and changeable. And yet without them, one could meander for years, never really getting anywhere. 

Setting goals is important, but setting attainable goals is crucial.

As you consider setting practice goals, allow me to share with you the guidance I give my full-time students. 

Spring Cleaning

keeping your piano clean

Cleaning your piano on a regular basis helps prevent the spread of germs, plus keeps your piano looking great!

Tips for cleaning your piano.

Is Your Piano Holding You Back?


Your piano may not be keeping up with your skills. Go through this checklist to see.

Keep your instrument in optimal condition so it can keep up with you!