Lesson 1 – Beginning with C

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The white notes on the piano consist of 7 different note names.

Since we’re beginning our study with the Key of C, the first note – 1 – is “c”. 

In the picture below, find the set of two black notes;  the white note to the left is c.  Middle C is not really in the middle of the keyboard, but close to it.

After “c” is “d”;  2.  After that comes “e”; 3.  And so on.

After “g” comes “a”, then “b”.

These 7 white notes – c, d, e, f, g, a, b – make up C Scale, the foundation of the Key of C.

After b, the 7 letters start back over with c.

In sheet music, the Key Signature appears at the beginning of a song and specifies which key to use. 

When no flats (b) or sharps (#) are present, the key is C.

Key of C

If you’re the pianist at church, most likely it’s your responsibility to choose the key that is best for your song leader.

To signify the Key of C, curve your hand to form the letter “c”.

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