Staying Motived

How to keep moving forward at the piano

It’d been about two years. 

I needed some extra motivation. My weekly exercise routine was lacking, to say the least. 

Come to find out, so was my mom’s.

Then we came up with a great idea!

We decided to check in with each other every week and specifically ask about how our exercising was going.

What a difference that made! 

What does this have to do with piano?

A lot I think.

Just like my mom and I, as you live out your week, it’s easy for important things to get pushed aside by the urgent. Before you know it, the week is gone.

As your family piano teacher, I believe it will be a healthy step in the right direction if, at each lesson, you let me know how your last week of practicing went.

Maybe you reached your goals. Maybe you didn’t.

My mom and I neither reach our weekly goals every week. But telling each other what we have done encourages both of us to try a little harder. 

I’ll tell you this much, we both reach our weekly goals more than before!

Either way, telling someone how you did that week is a way to gently receive accountability and motivation. And that’s a winner on the piano bench or exercise mat! 

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